We Believe

in every child's potential


We believe 20/20 is not enough.

We are a growing community of parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals dedicated to empowering those around us.

We believe that we can make a lasting impact in the life of a child.

We provide resources to help better diagnose learning related vision disorders. We work to provide scholarships to help children get the care that they need.


We believe every dream can become reality

We know how important the proper tools are for a good education. Books, pencils, paper, and even laptops are necessities for success. Yet, we forget to make sure our children are equipped with their most important tool for success: VISION

We’re not talking about just getting a child to see 20/20. Glasses are just the tip of the iceberg. The visual system is  intricate and complex. The eyes have to focus, align, and process information at lightening speeds. When one or more of these systems breaks down, academic performance can be significantly impacted. 

Vision can appear blurred, distorted, or even double. These symptoms often go unnoticed. Children don’t complain of symptoms because they don’t know that what they are experiencing is abnormal. They can seem distracted, or inattentive–much like a child with ADD or ADHD. They avoid reading and near work. 


— Our Mission

To eliminate the barriers between patients and vision care providers and improve access to evidence based life-changing vision services. 

— Our Vision

Approximately 80% of learning is said to occur through our visual system. The Beyond 20/20 Project is committed to helping individuals realize their ultimate potential. Our goals are to:

  • increase awareness and expand public education about vision conditions that can impact reading, learning, visual performance, and quality of life
  • provide financial assistance to increase patient access to evidence-based specialized vision services
  • fund optometric research to further improve visual treatments for patients 

— Our Purpose

Every year countless children with learning related vision disorders slip through the cracks. Vision screenings can miss up to 1/3 of children with a vision problem. When a child is finally diagnosed with a learning related vision disorder, vision therapy can still be difficult to obtain. In the interest of cutting costs, more and more insurance companies are denying coverage for these life-changing treatments. This leaves the financial burdens on the parent or patient. Far too often, the child goes untreated. This is unacceptable. We can do better. We owe it to them to go Beyond 20/20.



help change the course of a child’s life today!