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Financial Assistance | Scholarships

— Make Vision Therapy Treatments Possible

Many insurance companies refuse to cover vision therapy services. This can lead to costly expenses for families or a child not receiving treatment at all. Your support will help provide scholarships to make vision therapy attainable for all children. 

Public Awareness | Educational Resources

— Spread the Word and Bring Vision Therapy to Light

There are still many parents, educators, and physicians that have never heard of vision therapy. Join us in our mission to spread the word and educate the public about the positive impacts vision therapy can have on the lives of children. 

Research | Funding and Encouragement

— Improve Treatment Protocols and Outcomes

Clinical research is pivotal to providing the best treatments and outcomes. By supporting the Beyond 20/20 Project you will help fund the work of brilliant optometric researchers that have dedicated their lives to improving patient care. 

Support | Build Networks

— Work Together to Make Sure no Child Slips Through the Cracks

School and well check screenings miss up to 1/3 of vision problems in children. No child should slip through the cracks. By advocating for comprehensive eye care for all children we can ensure that every child gets the care they need to see their best!

Change Lives | Increase Possibilities

— Makes Dreams Come True

Imagine a child going from tears to cheers! Vision therapy helps eliminate vision barriers that can make reading and homework a chore. Your support can have a life-long impact on a child’s education, career, and life!


help change the course of a child’s life today!